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You need to clean the whole box!!!! And clean it well because if she smells the stuff there, she may have decided this is one the places she can go. Unless you make a habit of taking her out and teaching her, she wil continue to do this. I woudl esp keep her close, like next to my bed (My pets always slept with me and there were rarely accidents but I've never used a crate either.) They do seem to be effective in training but not as a place for a puppy to spend huge ants of time in - why do you want her there at night? I know some ppl do it but the crate has pillows and blankets and toys and is next to the bed or on it. I am not an expert in care training tho but have trained many dogs - my beagle was the most difficult, lol - but I finally got him to where he would do it on schedule or when we walked. We started with puppy pee pads and worked from tghere- Usually, animals never soil where they sleep unless they are desperate and just cannot hold it so you will need to find a way to either have her not sleep there (Maybe she can sleep with you and then you will know when she needs to go - she is after all a baby!!!)
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