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I tend to disagree. If anybody did that to our dogs, most likely, they wouldn't bite. Especially not Boo. So many people are afraid of our dogs from the get go so we always desensitized them to the point where anybody can run up and step on them or boot them and the doggies know the person's intentions are not bad and if they are, we'll handle it. We've had people try to get Boo to bite them already, just to start a fight and to get Boo put down (we were in a neighborhood of serious dog haters). We had to be able to be sure without a doubt that he didn't do it and would never do it.

If we aren't there, that's a different story. If the guy went after me, that's a different story too. But my dogs know, if I'm there, I'll defend them from anything, so they don't have to.

It makes it a bit uncomfortable if I need defending, but I'd somehow rather my dogs not defend me than bite people for no reason and get "destroyed".

Just my opinion, of course, but I was always raised that the scarier/bigger/more uncommon the dog breed, the more docile they have to be in public. (I grew up with dobies... )
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