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Need objective opinion on incident last night

Last night i was walking my 8month old malamute puppy(goku)when a guy i know down the street popped out from behind his truck. It was dark and i never saw him. This man is about 6"4 and has a very gruff smokers voice. He said Hey long time no see(which the dog and i haven't seen him in about 4months) and proceeeded to walk up and grab my dogs neck on both sides. This happened so fast that I barely had said hi. Well needless to say he startled the hell out of the dog who growled and nipped his hand hard and then bolted backwards. I could tell by the dogs reaction that he had scared him and that the dog felt threatened. The I instantly corrected goku, and he instantly had that guilty look, and put him in sit stay and looked at the mans hand. He never broke the skin but did leave a red mark.
The man was understanding that he probably shouldn't have grabbed his neck but he did it "incase he tried to jump up as puppies do" He was pretty upset where he gave me a lecture about how I should becareful w/him how it's not normal for a dog to act like this,etc. I nicely explain that he probably should let the dog sniff his hand first and not pop out and approach like that and he really shouldn't have grabbed his neck.I gave the man a cookie and let him sniff, and goku was then fine w/him and we parted on good terms. When I got home and explained what happened to hubby he was concerened and felt that the dog shouldn't have nipped either. I felt hey u startled me and a 8month pup and then grabbed his neck, If someone I didn't know grabbed my neck I'd slug him.

So question is should i be concerned or do you all think this is a fairly normal reaction and the guy was kind stupid in his approach?
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