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Puppy dont pee in house, but does in box (crate)

As most of you know, i have an 9 week old puppy golden retriever/black lab mix. She is doing awesome with house training. But at night time, alot of times she barks when she wants out to potty, we take her out. But some nights she dont bark and let us know at all shes gotta potty. Of a morning we go to get her out to go potty and she has wet all in her box. I dont understand. she dont potty in the house, but she does in her box. The only time shes in her box, is at night time (bedtime) and if were unable to watch her for a certain reason. Why is she wetting in her box at night. She doesnt let us know when she wants out. She does, but not all the time. Its not our faults either, cause were sleeping and she dont let us know she wants out sometimes. what can i do. We clean her box out with enzme cleaner when she wets in her box, and put clean towel in her box. What can or should we do??? We also remove her food and water after 6 oclock, so she doesnt have access to her water at nightime. Why is she doing this. Why isnt she letting us know shes gotta potty???
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