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As many here know, my GSD is so afraid of having her nails done since a bad experience way back, we have to give her Gravol to calm her first, and the vet comes to the house to do them.

Our Mal however is different, although afraid, I can do them by placing a towel over her face, it seems to calm her. Maybe not seeing the clippers helps, don't know. But I agree with Prin, make sure you're calm as your dog will sense your anxiety, try the towel over his eyes, and will speaking calmly but not playing into his fear, do only a couple of nails at a time to get him used to the sound again. Good luck!

Edited to add: start with sitting on the floor with the clippers, letting him smell them and get used to the sight and sound again first, once he's comfortable with seeing and hearing them without fear, then start with only a couple of nails at a time!

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