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Dog Nail Clipping

I have a year old black lab and we've always clipped her nails ourselves. She's been pretty good - my husband cuts her nail while I distract her with food. A few weeks ago, we accidently cut into the "quick" and she started bleeding. I think it was the way my husband and I reacted that scared her. We overracted.. we know that now.

Anyhow, we're trying to cut her nails again but it's really challenging. We've tried the distraction but it's not working anymore. Since the incident, we've both made it a point to touch/rub her arm/nails and even bring the clippers close to her feet just to get her used to the idea again.

Our last resort is to bring her to the groomers - it's not that we don't want to pay for it.. it's the thought that we really want to get back to our routine. Anyone have any suggestions? We're not interested in using the dremmel.. we just want to use the clippers.

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