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If you want a good book on border collies get the one called Understanding Border Collies by Barbara Sykes. It gives you a good insite into the BC and tells you how to handle some problems ect. I found it great with my BC they are a totaly different type of dog.They can get a little nutty if they are not given enough exercise or something to do. They can become obsesed with doing something over and over again, which could cover the bighting at mid air and barking. Barbara Sykes owns and trains BC's, she also has a book on Understanding and Handling Dog Aggression, which has a nasty faced BC on it. I hope this helps a little, they are great dogs just a little different than most.
A man who looks into a collie's eye to receive an icy stare is but a fool. Be at one with man's best friend and through his eyes you will see his very soul.
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