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That's a good point there. What disappoints me is that I picked up this kitten from one of the Animal Hospitals (Rosedale) and they are among the more expensive clinics.

Someone brought up a good point of shelters charging less if you adopted a kitten from them. I wish that were true. What kills me is that they have her complete profile and records and know her well (with checkups) that at the very least, they should waive the bloodwork and other examinations either altogether or fees-wise.

At $250 though is not a lot to pay to give my 'rippy' a little peace of mind. The good thing is that she's over the cycle now and is now back to scratching my feet in the middle of the night, or crawling AND SITTING on the keyboard of my laptop! so that I only hear beeps as the keys are getting all jammed lol
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