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Very welcome! We love this stuff. Let's a dip, it goes with pita bread-especially if you can find the mini pitas for easy dipping-but any flat bread like Naan will do. It works as chip dip, too, or with veggies.

It's a sandwich spread, too, in place of mayo. Or use it in chicken salad. Or try left-over turkey cubed up with chunks of cucumber and tomato mixed with the tzatziki, stuffed into a pita. Yum!! (No turkey if you're vegetarian ). Gyros are the greek grilled meat in a pita dish-that uses tzatziki, too.

More exotic (or personal, anyways), I like it with perogies. My husband uses it in all sorts of things, too. The Joy of Cooking uses it as a dressing for Potato Salad. Haven't tried that, but it sure sounds good.
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