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I just rescued a young dog a week ago from an overcrowded shelter and he has KC. A lot of sneezing and flinging mucus around from his nose. But, when I took him for a vet exam last Monday she said he had a normal temp. and didn't look sick other than the KC. She said as long as he's active and eating and doesn't have a green discharge, she would rather not treat with antibiotics right off the bat. Nine times out of ten it's a viral illness that just needs to go away on its own like a human cold. She said sometimes antibiotics can just make them feel worse.

He is going to be neutered on the 26th of February, so I sure hope he's over this cold soon. I know he can't have anesthesia if he still has symptoms. And, it's been 8 days that he's been here so I'm wondering when our small 8 year old dog will get it. How long is the incubation period?

Well, I'm going to watch our new dog to see how his Sx go. I sure am getting tired of him flinging "snot" all over the place, though. It's not green. It's either clear or a milky, whitish, pale yellow in color. And, he is not in the least bit listless. His eyes are clear, as well. Just a runny nose and phlegmy cough.

Originally Posted by Carina
Amoxycillin is fine for dogs but DON'T give any to your dogs without a vet's OK! Antibiotics should really only be given when there's a real need anyhow.

Actually, you don't have to treat KC at all, 99% of the time it goes away by itself,like a human cold. Most vets will just tell you to wait it out.
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