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I find $300 excessive - I paid $100 and that included EVEYTHING, meds and all - tho not the follow up appt for her stictches but the vet said I could do that myself and she just came to look - so in total, it was $100. Had I had her take out the stitches, it would have been about $130. I should add that YY had recently had bloodwork for her regular vet check - since her spay was not that long from when she came home at 12 weeks old. So the bloodwork - about $35 - was done a couple months previous and it did not seem nec to do it again. And she sailed thru the procedure. (Mind you my computer monitor, where she wanted warmth post spay - as opposed to laying next to me - and she urinated in it being still disoriented did not fare as well - still works but I would not have cared if it did not, wanted a new flat one anyway, lol)

I hope you find a cheaper - but good - vet!

(I edited heat to warmth since it does not seem right to say she wanted heat post a spay surgery, :-)

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