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Thanks for the info technodoll. I just gave her a call and she said that she has the same problem with her dog and that the only thing she finds that works is distracting her dog with a treat or toy before the aggression starts. She says once the aggression starts there isn't much you can do so you have to be aware of other dogs and distract before they are spotted by your dog. She says on-leash aggression is usually about fear-aggression as they can't run away if they need to, therefore they attack. Too bad, I have been having this problem for quite a while now and keep trying to figure out a way to overcome it, it makes walking her somewhat difficult at times

That being said I would still like to know of any good more advanced training classes. She knows her basic obedience but it would be fun to get into more advanced tricks etc. Anyone know of a good group lesson like this?
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