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My dog also has a cyst on his lip

This showed up about a week ago as a red perfectly round bump with a white
dot in the center of it. It's about 3/8" wide and about 3/16" high.
It's red but does not feel hot to the touch.
He licks it quite a bit and gets it bleeding almost everyday.
He shows no signs of it bothering him, pain wise that is..
We thought at first he may have bit his lip but just today another little bump has shown up on the side of the first bump.
Here's pics of the problem.

The vet which is very new and since we live in the boon docks and have no other choice said not to worry about it and gave us some Clavamox to try. He's been taking it twice a day for a week and the bump seems to be getting worse.

Any and all help sure would be appreciated.
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