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Low Cost Spaying?

I adopted my cat at the Rosedale Animal Hospital. Asked about the price to have my female cat spayed and they said $300 plus $60 bloodwork, plus taxes!

So this is going to cost me a pretty penny to say the least. I have tried contacting Toronto Animal Services that charge around $90 to have a cat spayed; but unfortunately they only do bookings on Wednesdays and open at 8:30am ET ... I called at 8:35am, was on hold for 5 minutes and by 8:40am when an operator finally answered, she told me that they were booked for April 4th and no further bookings could be made until next Wednesday!

I've tried contacting them before as well and got the same response (a couple of weeks ago)

This is getting too much and they're evidently extremely busy so looks like I won't be able to get my cat spayed by them in a reasonable time. My cat is going through her heat cycle right now and it really pains me to see her like this.

I neglected to have her spayed before because she went through her first cycle at 8 months and never had another one until after the new year; odd really. Now after 3 weeks or so, she's in heat again.

Anyway, does anyone know a good, reputable vet that will charge at least way less than $400 to have a cat spayed? I understand that it will be impossible to find other clinic that charges $90 but $400 is also steep, so maybe a price range of over $100 and below $200, or $250?

Does anyone know of a vet that is reasonable in prices in the downtown Toronto area? I don't drive so I can't really go to any place outside the GTA but has anyone had their cats spayed recently for an economical price (while getting some good results post-surgery)?

I can't really afford $400.

Your info and help is very much appreciated. I'm running out of options here.


P.S.: I have insurance for this cat from but they do not cover spayings but is there someone out there that may charge less if I had insurance?

UPDATE: Downtown Animal Hospital charges $455 plus taxes ... OUCH!

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