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Fair Cost for Teeth Cleaning and Extraction for my new pug

Hi! This is my first time on this board. I just got an adult pug from my local shelter. He needs teeth work. He is about three years old. The vet doesn't know for sure since he was found stray. When I took him to the groomers they said he still had two of his puppy teeth and they needed to be extracted right away. He also has a lot of tarter and noticeable bad breath. At the shelter where I got him, there is also a pet clinic with a vet. They said it would be $273 for the teeth cleaning and anesthesia. And it would be from $48 to 110 for each tooth extraction. And this is with a 20% discount since I got the pet at their shelter. Is this a normal charge? Two years ago my chihuahua mix had his teeth cleaned and an extraction at a different vet. It was $130 for the teeth cleaning and anesthesia and $14 for the extraction. But I have already established a health record at this current vet with my new pug. They also said I will need to get the bortadella and corona for $48 in order to get the procedure. Does anyone know if $273 is a reasonable price for this relatively routine dental procedure? Thanks.
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