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When did she start showing and when did she retire?

Started showing at 6months. Completed her championship at 8months (Only 4 shows!)

And did she retire with her Championship?

Yes, As far as I"m aware she has her championship. She did retire with the required points, but I'm not sure if she needed anything beyond that to champion. she did very well and was going to go into specials, but the breeder ended up with open heart surgery and decided to let be homed and decided to wait until the following year to re-evaluate her for breeding.

Also,what testing was done and at what age?

Testing was done by my vet at one year, with her annual check up. I did not do anything fancy. Just made sure that there was nothing wrong with her, did blood work to make sure there was no genetic or other heath issues (ie. Hip dysplasia). She checked out.

All other testing was done by the breeder. I have no idea what they were, I just know my dog went with her for a week. When she came back, she asked for a copy of the vacinations that I had done on her and what heart wrom and or other meds the vet ad her on.

Is there a specialist that the vet can refure you to?

I'll have to check into that, and get back to you. I"m not sure.

It just seems very strange that she is having these late heats...Something just doesn't seem right.

Her and her sister both have late heats. The vets have always said it can be normal for some to go late. I she had her heat at 8months I would not have thought anything of it, thats just the way she's been. But being almost a year is somewhat odd.

Has the vet done an ultrasound on her?....If not,I suggest that it gets done...

Yes, For what I understand from the breeder this was done during and after to birth of the puppies.

After what happened with her last litter,I just can't see the breeder taking a chance and having her bred again.

The breeder is taking this step on the advice of her vet. He indicated the reason for the trouble with her last litter was an outside toxin that she came in contact with that harmed the puppies during development. That is was not genetic and that there was no harm to the Dam or the living pups.

See my breeder only had 2 contracts...A S/N contract,and a Non-Breeding contract....And only she could take you off the Non-Breeding contract..And the only way that was done is if the dog was pointed to Champion,which meant has become Breed Standard,or has be Titled.

My breeder has the same set up. She does not sell ever on a breeding contract. She owns my dog, I just get to home her for the time being and then once she has done her breeding or the breeder decides to fix her, then I get her ownship and she's mine.

Those that she does sell that are bred are people she knows personally and works with them to ensure each dog checks out before being bred.

I can honestly say that all the reputable breeders I know(including mine) who retire their dogs have them fixed before adopting them out to new homes.That goes for having them go to friends or family

Normal situation for my breeder would be the same, however, (poor lady's had a really rough go of it in the last few years) I had expressed an interested in learning about showing/breeding, I had be helping her groom etc and when she went for her surgery and she could not properly care for her dogs, she fixed those she was debating on and found them homes. Those she had not finished showing, but wanted to contiune another breeder(s) took and finished, and I got to take care of Roxie as she was done, but was to be bred. It's a very odd situation and not normally how the breeder works with dogs that she's breeding.

In the end if there is something that needs to be done test with the vet, specialist, she will pay for it and Roxie will probly end up back with her for a while. I'm just waiting hear back from her (probly wont until after the funeral and that), but I want to learn and know what I can.

Thanks again
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