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Roxie was a show dog and has completed her show career. She also went through testing both from the breeder and through my vet. Roxie was check both before we started breeding and after the litter. She was cleared (again by both vets).
When did she start showing and when did she retire?

And did she retire with her Championship?

Also,what testing was done and at what age?

Is there a specialist that the vet can refure you to?

It just seems very strange that she is having these late heats...Something just doesn't seem right.

Has the vet done an ultrasound on her?....If not,I suggest that it gets done...

After what happened with her last litter,I just can't see the breeder taking a chance and having her bred again.

See my breeder only had 2 contracts...A S/N contract,and a Non-Breeding contract....And only she could take you off the Non-Breeding contract..And the only way that was done is if the dog was pointed to Champion,which meant has become Breed Standard,or has be Titled.

I can honestly say that all the reputable breeders I know(including mine) who retire their dogs have them fixed before adopting them out to new homes.That goes for having them go to friends or family.
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