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I understand everyone's concern about the whole spay thing. I am 100% for having pets spayed. I'm not concerned about that at the moment, as it's a non issue, she will be spayed - when her contract is over or something else proves to be the reason. The breeder is not a bad breeder, I have seen her (recently actually) have a damn that she didn't feel would fair well with breeding and gave the dog to the family as planned, just with the breeding. The dog was perfectly fine the blood work was great, but the breeder didn't feel was very motherly. So she's not a bad breeder. Right now she's just not making any decisions, and I"m not going to ask her too. She's my friend and I certainly wouldn't want anyone bugging when my son just died. At this point the only reason she gets out of bed is to take care of her puppies. But dress, eat for herself,.....not happening right now. She's suspended all breedings for the time being.

I have to question the need to get a new vet, considering the dog has TWO vets and both have made the same conclusions. Let me say both are from different clinics (so it's not like the same place is telling us the samething) The breeder uses a Vet in town that everyone I know uses. I live out of town and my vet is closer, it's apart of the local animal hospital and everyone that I nkow out of town goes there as well. The other vet, I've heard horror stories aobut and would never ever trust my dog there.

I must admit at first I was not concerned about Roxie when her heat took so long. She's always had late heats. The last heat when she had her puppies was 8months. The vet told us some dogs are different. I've only recently started to get concerned and spoke with the breeder (before her son died) and we were going to wait a little more incase she was just being late (Roxie's sister (lives with the breeder) is also late as well she's gone as long a 10 months). I was just thinking the other day tho that she last went in to heat in march, that's next month so were at month 11.

Has anyone expereinced that? Is it normal for a heat to be delayed that long?Is there anything else I should be looking for? She is other wise healthy, no trouble with bowel movements or urnation, no change in energy level, no change in food or enviroment. She still my crazy happy go lucky baby as always......just no heat.
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