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Question why is it everytime I ask any questions online, people go off about the breeding contract and having your dog fixed? Clearly if my dog was not on a breeding contract I would have her fixed.

Allow me to explain the situation before everyone gets all up in arms. The breeder is a friend of the family. She only places dogs on a breeding contract with people she knows. (ie there are two families mine and another friend of the family). She is a small breeder and enjoys showing her dogs. Only has select dogs that she breeds, however she feels that the dogs would be better in a loving home where they will be for their lives, instead of finding homes after they have been bred. This works very well for her and we enjoy getting a great pet.

Roxie was a show dog and has completed her show career. She also went through testing both from the breeder and through my vet. Roxie was check both before we started breeding and after the litter. She was cleared (again by both vets).

The breeder and I have discussed what happening, however at this time the breeder is not in a right state of mind. Her son recently committed suicde and is not thinking clearly. When we last spoke, we discussed that Roxie has normally been late, so to watch and see. I"m just concerned that it's been almost a year, which is a long time, and that she might have been affected by toxin that affected her last litter.
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