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Strange behaviour in dog - neurological problem - Answered by Dr. Van Lienden

Hello all my name is Peter and I am new to this site. My fiancee Jo and I have had Bomber our border collie since he was a pup for 18 months now and all seemed fine up until about 5 months ago. It all started when he went for his walk, when he came back home he came inside like he always does. Inside is a tiled area with a couple of the rooms being carpet, and after being inside for 30 minutes he had all of a sudden became afraid to walk onto the tiles. Ever since then he has not walked onto the tiles or any surface which is similar to smooth tiles. He has never fallen on the tiles from what we have seen and he was walking around on them happily just hours before hand.

Since then we have seen the vet and he could not give an answer without extensive and very expensive testing with a vet neurologist. Some more of his weird attributes as of late are that he attacks the grass. He will be walking in the back yard and will all of a sudden just attack the grass and take a big chunk of grass. He does not always eat the grass just rips it out of the ground.

Today his latest one is when he is sitting down he is biting at mid air & barking for no reason.

Please if anyone has had similar experiences with their dogs or can refer a good website it would be greatly appreciated.


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