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ok thanks. You've convinced me to give wet food a try. I feed my cats once in the mornings and in the evenings. How much wet food per cat per day should they eat? (cat foods come in different sized cans) (Wellness? do they sell this brand in Canada??) My cats LOVE wet food, especially the youngest, Friday, she'll enhale it, I just know it! HOpefully once they get used to it that'll change.

I've had cats all my life as well, and only Salem has been fat. I honestly dont know how she got so fat, she eats the same as my other cats and they've always been a healthy weight. and you're right, her fur isnt soft and silky like the other two, and she definitely has more dander.

Salem is probably a cat that should be in a home with no other cats, unfortunately. She's always been extremely timid and anti-social. She does come out to play every now and then, but any sudden movement, or attitude from another cat, and off she goes to hide
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