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Originally Posted by MartiniGIrl
you keep saying that wet is better than dry. Yet my Vet says otherwise. Why do you suggest wet food? I thought they need hard food to keep their teeth healthy, because I can tell you right now, there's no way in hell that I could ever keep any of my 3 cats still enough to try to brush their teeth!!

Also, one of my 3 cats, Salem, is very overweight and it is worrisome. Do you really think that feeding her more wet food will help her lose weight? because she's very sedentary, doesnt run around the house at all like my other two, pretty much sleeps 22/24 hours a day.

What wet food brands do you recommend?
a vet is not a nutritionalist.

I had an overweight cat - she was 17-18lbs when she came to live w/ me, and had only been eating dry food. I put her on wet, and now she's a very healthy 12lbs and more active. she no longer pigged out on the dry food because the wet food satisfied her hunger - now she just nibbles the dry, and eats 1/2 can of wet for a meal.

I feed Wellness canned. (I get the small cans, split between each of my cats (2) each night - this way it's a fresh can each day - my cats are not big fans of leftover refridgerated cold wet food)

as for your overweight cat - try to have some quality one-on-one play time with him (maybe just 10-20min a night) - get him to be more active - for his health.
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