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This is the same photo but saved at medium quality through the graphics program.
You cannot tell the difference.
But if this was a file that you dumped from your camera to your computer it would have easily been 5-20 times bigger and the board would have rejected it. Why? Because when you print a photo from a digital file - you need a lot of info (megapixels) in that file to get a good print.

This is NOT the case with the web as is clearly illustrated by the examples below - where 2 indentical looking photos are half the filesize of one another. Sooo in order so that the pages don't take forever to load (because a 500k file takes 5 times longer that a 100k file to load) and not to waste webspace for no reason - the limit is 100k.

Personally the files I upload are almost never more than 40k in jpeg or gif format.

Hope that helps.

I do realize this can be tricky for some.
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