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Originally Posted by Daizy
Of course it may not be your groomer but maybe you should check your groomer out. The first groomer I ever took Daisy too turned out was being cruel to her. I just put her unhappiness down to the fact that she was a puppy and getting used to being groomed. She didn't even want to step into the place when I took her, I had to pick her up to get her in. And she just wasnt' her self afterwards. It was only after subsequent visits that I actually saw the groomer pick her up by the throat and dangle her in the air while she hurled abuse at her! I reported her to the appropriate authorities but without pictures what can they do. She is still in business. Why don't you change groomer and see what happens. If you are in the Beaches in Toronto, if you pm me I can recommend the new groomer I take Daisy too, Daisy loves it there.
You're absolutely right, Daizy -- in the future we plan on being more discerning when it comes to picking a groomer (the thing is we've always been very happy with where we take her). As horrible as it sounds though, if Thumper doesn't start eating soon there won't be another trip to the groomers! Hopefully she will break out of her funk very soon.

p.s. I appreciate the groomer referral, but we're considerably north of the GTA.
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