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Dog Depression - Answered by Dr. Van Lienden

Hi all, I apologize for making my first post a health query, but I'm at my wit's end here. We have a lovely ball of fluff named Thumper who we're very worried about. We took Thumper to get a haircut last week and since returning from her haircut she has eaten very little and is moping around the house. She's been clipped in the past and there has never been any trouble. She seriously went from being the happiest and most lovable dog in the world to a dog who constantly looks downright sad.

We have made 2 separate visits to the vet over the past 4 days. The vet (who we very much trust) gave Thumper a thorough examination and did blood work and xrays. Despite this sudden change in behaviour, the vet suggested that Thumper is perfectly healthy. Has anybody experienced anything like this? Can anyone offer any advice? Part of me wants to return to where we got Thumper clipped to ask some rather candid questions; another part of me says that doing this sort of thing will make me look like a lunatic. I just want my happy-go-lucky dog back!! Please help!!
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