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Originally Posted by StaceyB
I know that costco has a dog food that has been recognized as a good food especially for the price in dog food but I am not sure if they carry the same in cat, it may be a place to look but get out of the grocery store.
I got a pamphlet in the dog toy bag from my dad from Costco about Kirkland foods and the cat food doesn't look nearly as good as the dog food is. The cat food ingredients are:
Chicken by-product meal, ground yellow corn, brewer's rice, chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols and vitamin E), corn gluten meal, natural chicken flavor.... plus all the usual chemically minerals..

Breaking down the corn into parts means it's probably #1 despite the by-products being in "meal" form. Doesn't look too good.

The guaranteed analysis:
Crude Protein: 30%
Crude Fat: 20%
Crude fiber: 2 %
Moisture: 10%
Ash: 5%

Remember that crude includes everything they don't digest at all (like hair).

So it's not as good as others or as the Kirkland dog food.
(just thought I'd clear that up, since I had the info right here...)

I'm glad to see you're switching. Beet pulp is a stool hardener. It's by far not as terrible as other things, but if you can avoid it, try. What it does is it releases a chemical into the blood that causes the blood vessels of the colon to constrict, which stops peristalsis (movement of the bowels) and slows the speed at which the food moves through. Basically, you get a firm stool by a sort of chemical induced constipation. It's not horrible- if it's the worst thing in the food, then don't worry about it.
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