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Smile My First Post ^.^ Cat Food Crisis!

First I would like to say hello, and I love this site! keep up the good work
I have 5 cats I just always seem to stumble on homeless cats :love: I think I have been talked about on the kitty streets they know I am a softy...

so my question is I had a trip to the vet recently and was told to change the brand of cat food I was using (catchow) I was told that brand has to much ash in it...Now I am in my cat food isle in the grocery for over an hour trying to read whats on the back pertaining to ash...I started the Iams ,,,,,but I just cant afford it...these guys go threw alot of food
I would love a suggestion if anyone has one,and maybe some brands I should be staying away from as well

Thanks to anyone who reply's

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