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nerve damage in paw

Hi Matt, have you tried any physio in warm water? Had a foster westie-mix years ago who was recovering from surgery after patella (knee) damage from being kicked by his previous owner who didn't seek immediate medical attention so by the time he underwent surgery he'd been favouring it for over a month. When he arrived would just tuck up the leg close to the body, refused to use it, so 2-3 times a day (vet's recommendation) I would fill up the bath with warm water and make him do laps. I started to notice after the 5th day of therapy the leg was more flexible and he wasn't holding it so close to his body plus in his sleep he started to extend it very gradually. Its alot of effort and you'll have a soggy dog everyday for a while but it might be a remedy as he'll have to flex and move the paw while swimming. Fortunately for me the weather turned warm and I could take him into the lake and he'd dog-paddle in circles around me. His water physio lasted about 1 month and 1/2 before he started really using the leg. The poor guy had to wear a cone during this time as he'd also chew at the surgery site. Good Luck.
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