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My dog's Penis BLEEDs !! help !!!!!!!


I need some ADVICE!!.. I notice my dog's penis, near the tip, has some yellowish dicharge and the skin around there turn brown. I afraid it's infection. So i took him to the Vet., the Dr. thinks his penis is SWELLED up, gave him pain medicine and some antibiotics. He also took X-Ray to see if it's Kidney STONE and did Urineanalysis. So i gave my dog the med. and took him recheck later. Before the recheck, my dog's urine and the tip of the penis, has some redish discharge.. should be blood. To the Vet., result of the test, no kidney stone but his urine has some O type crystals. We have some special FOOD to treat the crystal. I ask the Dr. why He start to kinda BLEED now, he said maybe is couz of the "cathethrizion" that he used to get the urine. OK...

Until Monday, i got home... then my dog suddenly start BLEEDing alone the floor, and a Dark redish "GEL" is in the blood. I rush him to the Vet, and Vet. , he gave me some STRONGER antibiotic and just trash the old medicine.

Until NOW, my dog pee pee fine (no blood in urine)... it's just that he still has some DARK redish discharge at the TIP of his penis, which is dripping small read spots around my house.

To me, i really want to find out WHY my dog still BLEEDS. I don't have dog insurance. I paid $800 on my dog already for the 3 visits to Vet. MONEY is not an issue compare to the HEALTH of my dog. But it seems like the Vet STILL doesn't know what EXACTLY happens to my dog.
This really FRUSTRATED me !!!!!!
How many times do i need to visit Vet. AGAIN to really find out what
happen?? When is he going to stop bleeding ???

Please help me or give me some advice... thx !!!!!!

**also, i found this Question that some other person asked previously.
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