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I'm still not impressed by it though. It's got beet pulp and tomato pomace in it... As I said in the "stool hardeners" thread, beet pulp is a stool hardener that works by releasing toxins that cut off the blood supply to the colon, stopping peristalsis so that the stool stays in there longer and hardens up. Tomato pomace is a stool hardener too, but as far as I know, it's not as drastic.

Also their lamb and rice formula has chicken fat in it, which defeats the purpose of having lamb (if Boo got that food, he'd be still puking from his chicken intolerance, which is the reason for switching to lamb in the first place). And it has brewer's yeast, which I don't want in my food, especially if I'm paying enough to not have it in there.

It's their puppy food that is loaded with corn and then loaded with beet pulp to solidify the undigested corn. (Beet pulp is the 6th ingredient in their large breed puppy formula- blech!)

Plus their large breed foods are preserved with citric acid, which is suspected to increase the chances of bloat, right?

I just don't like it. Not much good science in there, but they seem to capture all the bad corner-cutters and profit-maker-gimmicks that research has discovered... No thanks.

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