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Originally Posted by Luna Tic
As far as her being quiet after a while, we've had mixed reports. The people below us and the building manager have said that's exactly what happens, it's just the first little while when we leave. However, the people above us tell a different story. They say the barking is "all day long". I'm unsure about that as neither of them are even home during the day (!?!?).
Re the neighbors above, some people just don't like dogs... if a dog barks once, they then start to believe that it is barking "all day". They will notice the negative a lot sooner than the positive. Also, not sure how the sound proofing is in your building, but I find it hard to believe that the people above you would hear more than those below or in the hallway... Personally, I would go with the building manager and people below you reports re her barking. She is young. She will adjust!!

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