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Anal Sacs - leaky anal glands - Answered by Dr. Van Lienden

I have been talking with all my bulldog owner friends and learned that bulldogs are prone to random expressing of their anal glands. They are also prone to overactive glands.

So...I have noticed that Odin has been "letting go" a little more in the last few weeks. I'm hesitant to go to the vet, as I don't think they are impacted or infected, based on what I have read and seen. And I know my vet will just prescribe antibiotics just in case, which I don't want.

There is no blood or pus, and the fluid isn't thick or creamy (which are signs of infection). The fluid looks normal like how the vet showed us when he expressed them once. Also, the area doesn't look red, and I don't feel them under the skin, which means they aren't full. So I think he just has overactive glands.

Yesterday I was sitting on the chair in our living room watching tv and all of the sudden I could smell that he had expelled his glands. It was soooo gross. I left the room to get air freshener, and it was so strong I could smell it in the hallway! Ewwww!

He does scoot, but that's just because of his tail which gets irritated easily (when he poops we have to wipe it off, as his tail covers his anus a little, therefore it can get raw easily).

So...any suggestions? I know some bully owners recommend a little all bran with their dog food to increase the bulk of the poop to help the glands drain a little better.

Also, anyone have any cleaning tips to remove the smell? He usually does it on his blankets, bed, our couch, or the carpet (usually happens when he's sitting, and when he is stressed, like when I try and cut his nails, clean his wrinkles, put in eye medication...all the things I do on a daily basis)

I probably should have titled this "leaky glands"
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