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Talking Lurkers never win

your puppy has already won round one. LUBA is absolutely correct that doggie's whining is bringing you back. The dog casts the bait (whining) and you guys take it hook. line and sinker...(don't we wll from time to time).

I have a couple of mini high tech ideas if you are just going to suffer if you don't know first hand how puppey reacts to your absence.

#1 You could set up a tape recorder and put in a blank tape then start it when you leave. Most of them will easily record for an hour. Then go

When you return you can play the tape back and I bet you will find puppy quiets down soon after you leave and he can no longer sense your presence.

#2 you can set up a monitoring camera that will transmit a picture of puppy and her movements and sounds. It can be transmitted quite some distance to a computer or tv screen where you can watch her antics. (baby monitors also work).
I think it is more a case of training mom and dad than training the puppy.
Walk softly and carry a pocket full of treats
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