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Separation Anxiety

Hi there. My 3 month old puppy is still suffering something awful from sep. anxiety. She barks/whines etc. when left alone...and she continues for quite sometime. We've tried leaving for 5 min. coming back leaving for 1 min. coming back, leaving for 15 min. coming back, leaving for 7 min. and so on and it doesn't make a difference. If we're gone for a minute or an hour it's just as distressing to her.

Our vet has suggested Primorye Pet by Oxyfresh. He says it's an herbal juice product and is not a drug. I am extremely nervous about this for several reasons:
1) doesn't really "fix" her problem...just masks it;
2) looking at their website it seems kind of like an Amway/pyramid type scenario and that he is profiting from suggesting this product;
3) other side effects?
4) addictive?
5) what happens when we stop? Can we stop it?

We just really want her to be okay with us leaving her alone and not to be so dependant.


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