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Question about Science Diet kitten food

Is there anything "bad" in it aside from the corn "filler"? My kitties aren't allergic to corn, but there's something in the premium kitten food I switched them to (Nutro Max) that just doesn't agree with them. They've been on it over a month and their stools are still extremely soft and I can tell when they're pooping because the smell is so strong it wafts in across two rooms. O____O Even after they've covered their poop, the bathroom smells like something died in it (and it's not like I leave it sitting there, I clean the litterboxes at least three times a day.)

I'm really worried that they're going to start "losing" their litterbox skills just because they can't stand the smell. (I wouldn't use an outhouse that smelled like that!)

So unless there's anything actively harmful (not just useless, like corn) in Science Diet, I'm switching them back to that . . . Their stools were blessedly firm and odor-less on that.

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