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Originally Posted by Deb's Lucky Rescue
I have to be the wet blanket here and say this:

If you are going back to work after the baby is born, if no one is going to home all day and the bird will sit in a cage 16 hours a day alone, then I think rehoming it is a good idea, since this would be a bleak and inhumane existance. If you rehome, make sure the person is very knowledgeable and experienced with parrots and can provide what this bird needs.

However if you're going to be a stay home mom, then the bird will probably get all the excitement and stimulation it needs just with normal daily activities.
I don't mean to critic or anything,and I know that Deb, you do wonderfull things, but if she re-homes the bird, unless she can be assured that the new home will have full time humans in it, what's the difference? Why not work the bird into the new lifestyle.

I had a budgie when I was a kid, it used to eat my cereal perched on the side of the bowl. He lived in a cage (for safety sake) while my brother and I were at school, but otherwise flew free in the house. He was great, his name was Chirpy and he was a weird green/yellow colour. If it weren't for my love of cats, I'd probably have another one (but my cats have always been of the barn variety and there's no way to teach them no to kill)
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