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quote 'personally I dont really go for long haired men, whats the consensus, I may like Heath if he got a haircut though. '

hey is that heath ledger you speak of, the dodgy bugger. dont like him anymore, hate him in fact. he said some really nasty things about australians the other week stupid dumb thing he is, i odnt like unpatriotic ppl here, and i certainly odnt like ppl who bag out aussies, hey were pretty niceo n the scale of things. well i like us that for sure, and he is one, well was, hes not considered one by us now, stupid man shoulda kept his mouth shut, he lost heaps of fans, oh well he wasnt all that nice lookin, had a funny face and ugly bum and hes probably dumb to boot, and thats all we need with a priminister like ours lol lol lol. (and we didnt want his freaky kid going to school here anyway )..... well his movies wont do so well here in the future. grrrrrrr.

i dont like tom cruise (and its got nothin to do with him not wanting our gals, shes too hot for him anyway, oh hes never going to have a nick again, she is so hot and hes not lol) little man is what i call him, we wont even watch his movies, we call them little man movies, there is no way id give up a roast for tom cruise, i wouldnt even given up a breath of air for him.....

i watched beauty shop yesterday, that queen latifah film, now you want hot guys, check that out, ouch nearly to die for, i melted thats for sure, yuuuuummmmmmm.....

hey it snowed once here at christmas, no truly i do not tell a lie. my mum has a pic. it was as freak weather storm, it sorta snowed, or sleeted on christmas day, it was 38deg celcius in the morn, the temp dropped stupidly, it snowed, then it melted an got hot. i have seen the pics, i know it was real. jsut odd freak event and will probably never happen again. i think it was 1980 or somwhere there.

they are saying this will be the hottest summer ever on record, so no snow for melly, oh well would confuse everyone anyway especially the flies....

oh and i like blues, pinks and purple, long strolls on the beach, romantic nights and outdoor days, (sounds so single add doesnt it)
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