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Did I miss the post from one of the mods that said, "hey, show newbies how a thread gets taken on a wandering course from the coastlines of Greece to Matthew McConaughey's sexy bod to favorite colors/beverages/meals to vacations and whatever randomness you can think of?"

To weigh in on the threadjacking thing, I think that's what the off-topic forum is for--getting off topic. Obviously, even in the off-topic forum it would disrespectful to take a truly serious or personal topic and intentionally take it in another direction, but I fully expect other threads to get a little random--that's what makes them interesting.

For me, it's:

Matthew Matthew Matthew all the way--much to my husband's dismay. Gets a bit jealous...silly, as if Matt McCounaughey is going to stroll through the door some day...I couldn't be so lucky. But Brad Pitt is pretty smokin' too, and though I generally would say that I don't care for long hair or facial hair, on the right man, some shagginess and a five o'clock shadow is definitely an okay thing

A semi-sweet red or Jose Cuervo Gold

Snow--love it for about a month. THen it needs to go away again. I drove all the way home without getting over 38mph tonight, don't ask me to figure out what that is in kph, but it was a slow slow drive. Gets old pretty quickly, pretty much once new years comes, I'm ready for summer...

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