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I do not understand how a pregnancy would create a problem for your feathered friend. A friend of mine who has two birds tells me they are fragile creatures easily stressed by change of domicile and it would seem yours will easily adapt to the baby. My friend for example has two children, one 5 and one 6 mos, 5 cats - 3 recently rescued kittens who are more interested in her birds than rhw older cats but they are learning. She even has a pict with her Himilayan kitty and bird playing together - and she has a beagle. All get along - supervised of course!! So I am sure you will be able to manage a baby and a bird very easily. I am sure actually your featrhered baby would love the new baby! (and vice versa!). Congrats and good luck!! I think you are anticipating problems that will never materialize!
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