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Thanks I'll bring back some pics of the beach etc. (not me on the beach, just the beach, and maybe some randomly good-looking people on the beach) It's supposed to be about 24 degrees, so not "oh my good god I think I'm going to melt" hot (which I actually adore) and not "oh my god, I live in Canada" cold. (which I actually hate) A nice compromise I think.
have fun in Bermuda Puppyluv, have you noticed its really hard to by summer stuff now. You'd think it was winter her or something.
We leave tommorow for Puerto Vallarta so we'll be offline for a week. Joey goes up to the kennel tommorow. I think he'll make some friends there, but we will miss him. Havent checked the temp in Puerto Vallarta maybe I'll do that now. Hope its not rainy season which I think it is.

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