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Pitcin,Trolls to me are cute little guys living in the woods
Anyway,I swear this is my last post on this subject!
I joined this Forum,to learn,to have fun,to give advice if I can and to share ideas with other animal-lovers.
I am happy all the farmers here take very good care of their animals,spay their barncats,have heated shelters etc...
But in my opinion,no cat or dog should be enduring the elements,winter and summer 24/7,agree with me or not
I do not live on a acres of land,I wish I did,but have a big enough piece to enjoy the outdoors as do my cats.
My cats are sociable,loveable and very much part of my family and it would not change were we to move to the country,which we might in the near future.
I actually never doubted PK's love for her animals,but she had difficulties with her pregnant cat and had a 6 months old Spaniel living entirely outdoors and I just cannot agree with those circumstances,not that anyone cares
I would not waste my energy getting angry at anyone here,I don't get angry very often,life is too short,I just agree or disagree
So,let's all live happily ever after,take good care of our animals and look out for those who are not cared for and there are thousands who cannot speak for themselves and need our voices.
"The cruelest animal is the Human animal"
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