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For the record I am not a troll

I happen to have a job, I do not have the time during working hours to post novels as I depend on my paycheque. I was not trying to start trouble I was only posting bits and pieces of conversations that seemed to have been overlooked or ignored.

Now that it is Saturday morning and I have about 15 minutes to play before I take care of everyone else, and then maybe find some time for me, I will post my opinion.

The way I see it is that all of our animals are happy and well looked after - why does it matter if they are inside or outside animals? I can't for the life of me figure this out Not one person on here has come across as an uncaring or unloving person towards there animals...the only thing that is clear to me is that we seem to care more for our animals than our fellow humans. Yes I have slung some mud, the purpose, as explained before, was due to lack of time to put together a proper post. Do I apologize? No...why? I was only trying to point out some statements that had been made with a forked tongue and tried to bring that to light. My purpose was obviously mistaken for me being a troll. If it makes people feel better to call me a name, so be it, call me anything you would like, the people who know me and are part of my life are the only opinions that matter to me, I don't lose sleep over what people on the net think.

What I do lose sleep over is the animals that are not cared for. The cats that have litter after litter of kittens, sometimes before they are a year old themselves, and the owners continuing to let them prowl. I own a 7 week old kitten that is a product of this. Now there are 4 more on the way from her mother. Her milk hasn't even dried up from this litter and she is expecting another. The other thing that makes me angry is the pet that is left behind in a move, camping, cottaging, whatever the case may be. These are the animals I worry about, the ones that are truly neglected out of ignorance. I don't worry about the dog or cat that lives outside or in a barn if they have the same requirements of life as we, shelter, warmth. Love comes as a natural from this pet owner...if they care enough to give the above 3 requirements, they love there animals.

I am off now to tend to my zoo. If you wish to pick this post apart or call me names once again, so be it, I'm spending a wonderful weekend loving what is important to me.