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Originally Posted by mona_b
I was not talking about YOU shooting a dog on your property.What I was getting at is what if YOUR dog got on someone elses property and got shot.Mind you,this was not a direct question to you.Or actulayy anyone for that matter.Just wanted to make a point that I do know about farm life..If that made sense....
Okay... just so you know though, we have no other real farms around us, we are surrounded by mostly woods and wetlands. So there isn't much risk to our dog. The only farms around us are those of close friends, not just aquantances, and they know our dog very well. If they were to shoot him, I would be VERY shocked!! He does not go far anyway, he sticks to where the people are and is in a large fenced in area at night with 2 insulated dog houses, which he usually prefers to sleep on top of!