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Originally Posted by mona_b
I flew off the handle because I heard allergies and outdoor dog.Especially at the age of 3 months..I know many people with allergies that have pets.My step-father being one of them.And they have a cat and a dog.Both indoors.And what I mean by indoors is not that they live their life totally inside.But they don't stay out 24/7...If having a dog live outside because there are allergies,then I would rather the dog be rehomed knowing that it would not have to stay outside 24/7,but to be part of the family "pack" and have it sleep inside at night...And we are not talking about a working farm dog here.This is a Springer Spaniel.

Also,there was a pregnant cat in my sisters barn...My nephew managed to get her in the house.Yes it took alot of work.But she stayed in the mud room where she gave birth to 4 kittens.Since my sister already had 3 indoor cats,she asked one of her neighbors who had no cats if she could take care of them.She agreed.In time all kittens were fixed and so was Mom cat.Mom cat stayed with on of the kittens.And the 3 others went to good homes.So yes,to bring in a barn cat to have babies can be done.And we think that she may have had babies previous.The reason is when the kids went in the barn to check on the calves,they climbed up on to the haystack.There were remains of new born kitten paws.The raccooons had to have gotten a hold of them....
Again, back to what I've said before again and again.
Some people cannot tolerate some allergens even with medication!! We were told by the allergist that it would be suitable to have a dog if we kept it outdoors.
Also, I DID BRING THE CAT IN!!!!! Please get that through your head!!! And in time, all my kittens will be fixed, as will mom!!