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Originally Posted by mona_b
Rude to people?Have you read alot of the posts?Some have been taken off.But if we are to be called rude for caring for an animal,then so be it.We have everything on here.He have been sworne at so many times.People come on here with very ill animals,throwing up blood,can't move,pooping blood,not pooping,eating or drinking for a week,shaking.The list goes on and on.And alot say they can't afford a vet.We suggest they ask the vet for a payment plan or borrow the money.Or when we say take the animal to a vet,they freak out.If we didn't care for animals,then we wouldn't be on here trying to help....And how many of these people come back on here because their animal has died?There have been quite a few.And it breaks our heart.Knowing that if they would have taken them to the vet ASAP,the animal would have had a chance.When you take on a pet,they are your pet for life.That means having the money put aside for an emergency...Our pets are our life.And to be honest,I wonder about the people who do come on here with the things I have stated,if they have children.Do they go on a site saying my baby is choking or coughing up blood,what should I do?I sure as to He!! hope not.Go through all the posts,the ones on Ask a vet and you will understand what I mean.WE are animal lovers on here.You talk about the negitives about us,what about the possitive in us?The ones we have helped?There are many.We even help each other out.But I guess you turn a blind eye to that side.Being on this site,I have learned alot.

As for farms,I also know that farmers have a right to shoot a dog that comes on your property.My sister had a beautiful GSD.My nephew was taking her for a walk.Yes she was on a leash.His shoe came untied.He went to tie it up and dropped the leash.Tori took of to the neighbors farm.The neighbor who knew her,shot and killed her.My 3 nephews and neice where in tears.They had nightmares for the longest time.Especially my neice.Since you are in Ontario,this law does apply to you to.
Well, condsidering what you just said, you had no reason to condemn me! My dog or cat were not coughing up blood, vomiting, etc. And neither of them are sick or dying... I don't see the reason for this post, as it's telling me what I already know. I know that lots of these people come on saying this type of thing, but I'm not one of them. And if it comes back to the fact that my cate decided to start having her kittens indoors, then I will say again, I stayed up ALL NIGHT to make sure I checked on her and found her, the night I thought she was going to have them. I brought them into my sunroom, and helped her give birth to the rest of them. I'm not a cruel pet owner, contrary to what you may believe.

And that comment about a dog being shot on a farm, yes we have the ability to do that to someone else's dog. But does it mean we will? No! I can shoot, but even if I tried, I don't think I'd hit anything! No that I would try in the first place! So the law applies to me, so what?! It doesn't mean I'm going to go shoot a neighbours dog because it goes walking across my field!