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Originally Posted by Copper'sMom
Should I be concerned with the aperature?? I'm not exactly sure what it does(amount of light i think) is it important?
The difference between the two cameras isn't too much.

I wanted the 2.8 for both wide and telephoto so 3.3 for telephoto is some difference, but not too much to cause you to run away in panic. . . . . you just have less flexibility to shoot longer distances in low light without a flash.

You can get around that, if its important to you, by adjusting the "film speed" of the digital camera, from say, 200 ASA, to 400 ASA. At least, I assume you can do that on the FZ5 as that feature is on the FZ20.

When I commented on light, I was more referring to shooting in normal conditions but manipulating auto exposure by pointing at shadow or areas illuminated by full blown sun or using flash in the full light of day . . . . things like that. The manipulation of light to create effect.

Mrs. C walks across Millennium Bridge in London towards St. Paul's Cathedral . . . . the light sensor is reading off the metallic bridge deck, darkening the areas around her. A simple picture of her walking over the bridge is made visually interesting.

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