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Originally Posted by Copper'sMom
I changed my mind again! None of the cameras above are in consideration any longer!

Rick C,

Are there any negative aspects about your camera that you don't like?? Do you think it is too far advanced for a beginner like me?? I am contemplating between the FZ5 and the FZ20. The FZ5 because it is a bit smaller(been thinking about it alot) and the FZ20 for it's video and also has the hotshoe(I may need it someday!!!!).

I guess if price wasn't an issue, I'd go for the FZ20. But since it is, I have to make a decision!!!
There's nothing about it I don't like . . . . except the focus ring if you are using it on manual . . . . I find it extremely difficult to focus manually.

The FZ20 is full auto if you want it to be . . . . point and shoot.

Contrary to popular belief, that's what I mostly do anyway - automatic focus and auto settings.

Really, although the equipment is important, great photo's are in your head more than anything. Its a matter of understanding composition and particularly the importance of light and where to point the auto light sensor to create the effect you want.

I've heard the FZ5 is a fine camera.

A comparison of the FZ5 and FZ20

Rick C
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