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Okay first of all Bill if you don't like it then don't read the thread. Whats the problem here with it? Too many valid points have been made for you guys to respond to?
Luba, See ya!!
Amaruq, you didn't offend me intentionally but yes I was offended. Actually I have been fairly often on here but just wouldn't say anything because you seemed to have your group and there was no arguing with it. So why try?
All of you are great people but you are extremely judgemental!! I could be just as judgemental as the rest of you and even wonder why some of you have pets. But why do that? Why is it that the intention of making people feel bad about their situations. I know some people are idiotic but some people are ignorant. Who's worse? I've found an idiot you can educate, an ignorant person? well they're worse.
Chico, as far as the language are you kidding me? Have you read any of the earlier posts. Some people are so similar to a dictator that its frightening.
Karin, I agree but this thread was because some people got tired of some holier than thou people getting on here and bullying others. But instantly that's wrong, why? Someone disagrees with the ones who've been here longer? I can become a senior contributor pretty damn quick if I wanted to. I'd have to stay on here for a lot of the day and reply to every little thread 2 or 3 times but bam I'd be a senior contributor but that doesn't mean what I've said was right or helpful in any way. Start reading back on some of the posts and I agree with the post get off you're high horses before you fall off!!