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Unhappy how can i save my rough collie from being put down?

my rough collie might be put down if i do not come up with good preventative steps so that he does not bite anyone.

any suggestions would be much appreciated in addition to the following: muzzle him, use a choke chain, seek dog trainer's advice (he took obedience classes when he was one year old - he is now 8 years old!)

please help.

the background is as follows: my 32 year old son was walking my two dogs (a collie and a bernese) and they were approached by a man with a ****zu. this fearless ****zu and my dogs do not get along with each other. my collie's collar snapped off and he darted across the street and attacked the dog. the man picked up his dog and as he did so my collie bit him on the leg requiring five stitches.

now i have to go to court to plead with the judge not to put my collie down. please send me your suggestions on how i can save my dog. he is a good dog and has never ever bitten anyone before! he is good with kids and all my other friends call me a real "gentle man". please please help.

my son was walking and convince the judge that my collie is a good dog

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