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LOL No... Terje isn't making a killing anymore. Nobody remembers who he is. When snowboarding first appeared in the Olympics, they were all anxious for him to compete and he wouldn't. He said that snowboarding is about competing with yourself and about doing it for the sheer pleasure of the sport. It's not about competing for a piece of metal just so you can impress people. He is, in my view, the greatest snowboarder who ever lived, and he disappeared because snowboarding got too mainstream in the wrong way.

Those pants were expensive, but I swear, worth every penny. You could sit in a puddle for hours and never get wet. I went snowboarding in freezing rain in those pants and everybody was soaked to their undies and I was so dry, I drove home in my snowpants. Truly the best snowpants ever created. And to top it off, they were stitched in such a way that when you bent your knees, they bent with you. My brother was a skeptic too, but he tried them on and is now a true believer of the Haakenpants. (Just wait till he goes riding in them.)

Who'd have thought so much could be said about snowpants.
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